EAS Remote Monitoring

EAS Remote Monitoring

As technologies evolve in the world, we often find ourselves in a time where technology is capable of assisting in making business operations more effective and efficient.  At PT. Handal Technology, we aspire to provide our clients technology to allow our clients to increase their efficiency and reduce costs.


EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) is a security system that aids in curbing shrinkage. Remote monitoring for EAS refers to the use of technology to observe and manage the activities, conditions, performance of a system, device or process from a distance. With remote monitoring systems, when problems occur in-store; technicians would be able to monitor and assist in troubleshooting systems without conducting a visit.

As Indonesia is geographically large, it may not be cost effective for technicians to physically visit the store to perform troubleshoots. Hence, remote monitoring would assist in shaving costs.
However, In rare cases, having a technician visit the store to perform troubleshooting would be an alternative solution to solving problems that a store is currently facing.


Remote monitoring requires Internet Connection which can be achieved through various mediums.

1.  LAN Connection

In retail stores where EAS Systems are permitted to connect to the Local Area Network, our technicians are able to perform remote monitoring seamlessly due to stable connection. Our technicians would be able to notify in-store staff when abnormalities are found.

2. Portable Modems/Mobile Phone Hotspot

Portable Modem/Mobile Phone Hotspot is an option where retailers choose not to connect our EAS Systems to their Local Area Network.  In occasions where EAS Systems are experiencing frequency noises due to various reasons, in-store staff can connect with our technicians to request for troubleshooting.

3. Remote Desktop Application

Remote Desktop Application allows our technicians to remotely control in-store computers to perform troubleshooting. This is the most cost effective method but is the most tedious as our technicians would only be notified of problems when in-store staff are aware of the problems.


man monitoring eas

EAS Remote Monitoring system in security surveillance technology offers crucial benefits to ensure the security and integrity of systems. Here are some of the key advantages :

  1. Save travel costs for technician visits.
  2. ⁠Monitor system health.
  3. ⁠Increased revenue.
  4. ⁠Improved team efficiency
  5. ⁠Faster response to incidents
  6. ⁠Accurate monitoring